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At Walts Wharf, we passionately embrace all that food and wine has to offer. Our menu is rustic yet refined, interesting and inviting, but more than anything, it is about seafood. Excited about the bounty our oceans have to offer, we create our dishes with simplicity and balance, allowing fresh seafood to stand out.

Obsessed with freshness, we fillet our fish from its whole form and at Walt's we use the utmost care in the handling of our produce. It means ice-cold oysters and scallops you can eat raw every time, and an exquisite attention to detail with everything we serve.

Utilizing seasonal ingredients means that our presentations often change. Because our menu is regionally inspired, you’ll see an array of local ingredients accompanying our dishes, grown only hours away.

We welcome you to experience our seasonally and regionally inspired offerings, and hope you enjoy them with the same delight we experience in preparing them.